“Pick your favorite singer!”

“Who is your favorite actress? please vote for her!”

A lot of TV shows in recent years invited their audiences to vote for their favorite contestant. On one hand it increases the sense of participation of the audiences, on the other hand it booms the impact of the show. So how should we follow this leading trend and implement our own audience voting in the event? Obviously this doesn’t include asking a volunteer to collect tickets with a box around the venue and calculated the tickets manually.

So today we are going to introduce you a cool and free live audience voting system to empower your event.

First create an event

  1. Log in the website: https://picpiclive.com


  1. Fill in event information.

event informatin

Enter interaction management platform

Add voting function and filling the detail.

add vote function

There are a lot of controllable functions, for example voting rounds, participating contestants, if audience can change their vote and the number of the top contestants showed on the screen.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is that a lot of competition requires multiple rounds of voting, and each round is dependent on each other. For instance the second round contestants are the winner of the first one. But during the event, the time are always very limited, so we designed the contestants pool, you can edit all of the contestants information beforehand, and pick right ones in each round.

You could:

1.You could select the current round and whether to activate the vote channel;

  1. You could reveal the final results according to contestants rank and MC’s pace.

reveal the final result

Vote Screen English

Audience can scan QR code and participate in voting. They can scan with any QR code scanning app, for example IOS camera, Wechat.

Vote Client English

Isn’t this fun? Let Picpic live empower your event!