Empower your events!

Empower your events!

Picpic helps to grow events impact by offering free and fun audience interactions, aligning organizer with business partner and precise promotion.

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Live Interactions

Live Interactions

Check-in with a few taps, chat with people in the event, take a lucky draw, vote for your favorite candidate... Simply scan the QR code and you are connected to the room!

  • Scan QR code to join, starting to interact with people around you in a second, no need to install anymore.
  • Designed for heavy traffic: Connects in poor network conditions, even with thousands of people nearby.
  • Everything free to use, win big for no charge.
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Connect Your Audiences

Connect Your Audiences

Want to show comments of the day? Want to reveal the ultimate reward in front of the whole audience? With the live screen, you can connect everyone in the event

  • Compatible with all kinds of projection setup, simply plug and play.
  • Remote console enables you to sepate display and control.
  • No more mouses and menus on your live screen. Also supports multiple screen casting.
  • Works seamlessly with your slides. All audience interactions and slides done with just one computer.
Learn more about audience experience >View live screen demo >
Connect Your Audiences
Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive Report

Getting to know how you perform with our analytics report.

  • Number of engaged audiences, interactive index... You can know how you perform.
  • Word cloud from your live chat, getting to know what your audience likes most.
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Getting Sponsored

Getting Sponsored

Built-in sponsor slots. Getting more sponsorship for your event.

  • Live interactions bring high engagement and high click-through.
  • Comprehensive promotion analysis, click tracking made easy.
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Getting Sponsored

Used in


Check-in, vote, lottery, live chat, more fun right on your phone


Check-in, live poll, agenda, a complete solution for conferences

End-of-year Party

Live chat wall, cool check-in screen, synced glow sticks, get people to love your party


Professional vote setup, unique network optimization. Never miss a single vote


Romantic glow sticks, love blessings wall. Make a unique wedding experience

School Events

Easily create event page for your group, free live interaction features, grow your members easily

Vote Events

Unique share features, professional vote controls, easily get people to vote

Offline Campaigns

Vote, lottery and much more. Get your target audiences involved both online and offline

Why choose us

Complete Eco-system

  • Pre-event: Customization, publish & share
  • In-event: Live control & Data tracking
  • Post-event: Data report

Fully Customizable

  • Integrate your own branding in the mobile client and live screen
  • Choose from a growing collection of 10+ themes
  • On-demand high-end customization

Network Optimization

All of our products are heavily optimized for poor network connections, stay relaxed even when you have thousands of audiences around


Facebook/Wechat/Mobile(Worldwide)/Email sign-in supported; Automatic language detection and display; Fast connection worldwide

And, it's all free.

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Create event
Add audience interactions
Share QR code & Enjoy!
Create event
Add audience interactions
Share QR code & Enjoy!

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can Picpic be used under poor network?

Answer:Picpic has been heavily optimized under poor network conditions. It works as smooth even when your phones or laptops are in poor network connection.

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